Saturday, May 22, 2010

5/22 - 2pm CDT - Switching Out Tour Groups

Today is a day of rest in Amarillo as we say goodbye to the guests on Tour 3 and welcome our new guests on Tour 4 this evening. As usual we'll be having our orientation meeting tonight at the hotel and then going out to dinner at The Big Texan restaurant here in town. This past week will go down as one of the most exciting we've had out here because of our close tornado intercepts in Oklahoma on Wednesday. Media-wise it was very busy this week as well. I did a live phone interview on The Weather Channel on Wednesday and my video from our tornado intercepts aired on Thursday and Friday.

Will next week be as active as this week was? I think the answer is yes based on some of the latest computer modeling. Southwest flow aloft will continue throughout much of the High Plains next week, meaning shear and cold air aloft will be adequate for severe weather in parts of Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas, and Colorado. That's quite a contrast from the last two weeks when we've been mostly in Texas and Oklahoma. I don't see any huge outbreaks in the near future, but I think tomorrow could be quite active in Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota. The Storm Prediction Center has already placed the Nebraska/South Dakota border under a 30% Slight Risk area for severe weather, but they note that it could be nightfall before storms affect that area. We'll probably target an area south of where the 30% risk due to high cloud bases up there, which are not good for tornadoes. I'll have a full update tomorrow morning!

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