Sunday, November 29, 2009

11/29 - 11:45pm - MSU 7-Day Forecast

It was one rainy drive back to Starkville today from Louisville. The rain that fell just south of Tupelo was some of the heaviest that I've driven in, but everyone seemed to be taking caution and driving slow. It's going to rain tomorrow morning in Starkville, but it should clear out around noon.

Here's this week's MSU 7-day forecast:

A low from the Gulf will be making its way in here tomorrow night and it should bring more rain to the area. Once that clears out late Wednesday we'll be left with a chilly, but sunny end to the week. More rain in here next week.

Stay tuned for a fairly big announcement about something I'm doing this weekend. I don't have all the details yet, but I'll let you know what's going on within the next 48 hours. I will tell you that it's TV related.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

11/26 - 11am - Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from here in Louisville! It's a good ten degrees cooler here in Louisville compared to MSU, so it's definitely time to bundle up! Back in East Mississippi, a Freeze Warning is in effect as temperatures drop below the 32 degree mark early tomorrow.

I just looked at the 850 mb charts from both the NAM and GFS computer models and they agree that we may see some snow and rain showers this afternoon and evening around Louisville. Below freezing temperatures at 850 mb (5000 feet in altitude) usually help in the production of snow when there's enough moisture. Temperatures here at the surface should stay above freezing, so any snow that falls will not stick to the ground.

The long-range GFS has been quite erratic with the imminent cold blast for the Eastern US. Latest indications are pointing to a date of December 3rd for this cold blast to begin, and there may even be a bit of snow as far south as Louisville. It's unclear right now whether or not this cold air will stay around for more than a week, but regardless we're heading into quite a cold pattern around the region.

I hope that everyone has an excellent Thanksgiving. Eat lots of turkey!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

11/22 - 2:40pm - MSU 7-Day Forecast

Here's a fresh Mississippi State University 7-day forecast:

Chilly weather will be the focus for this week, especially on Thanksgiving. While it doesn't look like we'll see much rain, I think temperatures will struggle to make it much above 60 this week, with the exception being Tuesday. If you're expecting a warm-up after Saturday of next week, I'm sorry to tell you that things will only be going downhill. Bitterly cold air that has been kept up in Canada for quite some time will spill down into the Eastern US starting next weekend, and temperatures throughout this part of the country will be impacted.

I know that back home in Kentucky, temperatures might only top out in the 30's after this chilled air comes into the region. Snow may also become an issue up there as well in the coming weeks, but I've yet to see a tangible storm on the long range models.

I'll be heading back to Louisville for the Thanksgiving holiday on Tuesday, so I want to wish everyone down here in Mississippi a nice Turkey Day! There will not be an MSU forecast video this Tuesday.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

11/17 - 6pm - MSU Forecast Video

It's been one cold day out there! The clouds should exit the area as an upper level low to our north slides to the east over the next couple days. Get ready for more temperatures in the 60's!

By the way, there will not be another forecast video until after Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

11/15 - 3pm - MSU 7-Day Forecast

Here's your latest Mississippi State University 7-Day Forecast:

A cold front coming through on Monday night should bring us some rain and cooler temperatures. We'll progressively warm up to near 70 by the end of this week, but sunny skies may give way to some cloud cover by next weekend. Not a bad forecast overall, but be sure to have an umbrella for Monday and warm clothes for Tuesday and Wednesday.

The MSU vs. Alabama game last night ended in defeat for the Bulldogs, but ESPN's coverage of the game made it a little more exciting. If you were watching the game on ESPN HD, you may have noticed that quite a few people left the student section near the end of the game. I'm happy I stayed until the end:

(Click the image for a larger view... Green arrow indicates where I'm standing)

Yep! I was on ESPN last night, all 50 pixels of me. You really can't tell who's who from the distance they took this shot from, but it's cool to be able to point out where specific people are sitting. That's the beauty of high-definition television!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

11/10 - 6pm - MSU Video Forecast

As Tropical Depression Ida moves east, we should see clearing skies and warm temperatures around MSU. Not a drop of rain in the forecast!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

11/8 - 5:30 - MSU Forecast & Hurricane Ida

Here's your latest Mississippi State University forecast:

Interaction between Hurricane Ida (I'll talk about that storm in a second) and an eastward-moving disturbance should give us some rain tomorrow, most likely in the afternoon and evening hours. Any rain that falls tomorrow evening could be heavy with the infusion of Gulf moisture from Ida, so be ready for some very wet conditions. The rain should taper off by Tuesday morning and leave us with sunny skies for the rest of the week.

Hurricane Ida is positioned between the Yucatan Peninsula and Cuba right now with sustained winds of 100 mph:

A small jump in speed has moved the storm track quite a bit north over the past day or so, meaning that landfall will most likely happen on the Gulf Coast in AL, MS, or even LA. Current indications are pointing towards Ida being a weak hurricane at landfall, but any increase in northward speed would mean a stronger storm at landfall. A faster storm would also mean more rain and wind for us here in East Mississippi.

The National Hurricane Center's track is in good agreement with the current spaghetti charts (compilations of different computer-projected storm paths):

We'll really have to watch these over the next couple days as Ida takes aim on the Gulf Coast.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

11/3 - 5:30pm - New MSU Video Forecast

Here's a fresh MSU video forecast straight from the studio! Nice week shaping up for East Mississippi with not a cloud in the sky and temperatures near 70.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

11/1 - 3pm - MSU Forecast

After a week of rain and severe weather, we're in for quite a treat around the Golden Triangle. With high pressure and a zonal flow in control across the Southeast, sunny skies and temperatures right around 70 should stay with us for at least the next week. Our next rainmaker should be here around the 11th from the Gulf of Mexico, so enjoy this extended period of pleasant weather!

Don't forget to check back on Tuesday evening for another MSU video weather forecast! I'll have it posted here on the blog and on These videos should be getting better by the week as I learn how to use the equipment and get used to the new studio. They're certainly a blast to make!