Friday, May 21, 2010

5/21 - 10:30am CDT - Another Day of Chasing Begins

We're on the road heading to Amarillo from Abilene after chasing in Central Texas yesterday. We'll be arriving in the Panhandle in just a few hours to begin chasing storms that will form as the dry line pushes east this afternoon. Strong southeast winds at the surface and southwest winds aloft will create good shear today. CAPE values (instability) will be over 2500 J/kg according to the latest RUC computer model run, which will be more than enough for good storm development. There will be more CAPE and higher EHI values in Eastern Colorado today, but we're thinking that moisture may be a bit of an issue up there, so the Texas Panhandle seems to be a good target area. The SPC has also issued a Slight Risk for this area as well, including a 5% tornado risk.

As always, we'll be streaming LIVE video at when we're actively chasing. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter and Facebook for the latest chase updates!

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Matt said...

Great video and pics from 5/19!

Good luck with the rest of your storm chasing.