Sunday, May 23, 2010

5/23 - 10am CDT - Kansas and Nebraska

We're heading north from Amarillo this morning to Kansas as we begin chasing this week on tour 4. During our break and switching out guests yesterday, a large wedge tornado touched down in northern South Dakota. It seems that tornadoes like to happen on our Saturday breaks, but we're looking forward to what the atmosphere has in store for us today.

There's a boundary right now situated from Southwest to Northeast across West Kansas and we're thinking that will play a crucial role in today's severe weather setup. Dew points to the west of this boundary are very low, while to the east they are high. At just 5,000 feet up, dew points are more uniform across the boundary. This means that the surface layer moisture has been scoured out to the west of the front, but the mid level moisture is still very much intact. A triple point low in Southwest Kansas will help to create east winds in Northwest Kansas today, but as it moves north we may find ourselves chasing in Nebraska. We'll see how things pan out. The computer models have been having a difficult time over the past 24 hours with the boundary in Kansas, especially when it comes to painting where the best instability will be and how things will fire up this afternoon. The Storm Prediction center has a Slight Risk for severe weather and a 5% tornado risk over West Kansas and Nebraska.

We'll be streaming LIVE video at today if severe storms initiate. You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates from the road!

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