Tuesday, May 11, 2010

5/11 - 11am CDT - South Oklahoma

We're on our way to Southern Oklahoma to try our luck with storms that will form late this afternoon. An area of low pressure in Colorado will generate southeasterly winds throughout South and Central Oklahoma, but the more preferred easterly winds will be in Northern Oklahoma. But since there will be more moisture and instability to the south, we think somewhere just south of Oklahoma City seems to be a good target area for today. Shear will not be as intense as yesterday, but I think it will be ample for severe storm development. EHI values, which are decent indicators of supercellular and tornadic development (see left image) will be pretty high in this area as well. The good thing is that any storm that forms will be moving about 30 mph, which is about half of the speed they were moving yesterday.

As always, we'll be streaming LIVE video at http://stormchasertv.com when storms begin to form today. You can also get updates on our chase and when we'll be streaming video on Twitter and Facebook.

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