Saturday, February 26, 2011

2/26 - 1:45pm - More Severe Weather for West Tennessee

Another round of severe weather is on the way for Sunday night into Monday morning for all of West Tennessee. The Storm Prediction Center just issued a Moderate Risk area that includes much of Arkansas, Missouri, and West Tennessee. The main risk right now appears to be wind damage as a squall line of severe storms makes its way through the region, but a couple supercell thunderstorms in front of the line could form and increase the tornado threat. I think this is a very real possibility given that there will be more instability and a bit more directional shear to work with compared to Thursday night. In any case, the squall line itself will also carry a tornado threat wherever there are kinks in the linear shape of the storm system. The latest models indicate the main line passing through sometime near 6am on Monday morning, but severe weather could begin as early as just before midnight in the region. Check out the video below for my latest forecast:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

2/19 - 1:30pm - A Forecast of Changes for West Tennessee

After an abnormally warm morning, temperatures are set to get into the 60's this afternoon and 70's tomorrow across West Tennessee. A good shot of rain comes into the forecast by Monday, but things should dry out and cool down dramatically by Wednesday. We're keeping an eye on what could be some strong storms on Thursday night, but that forecast will be fine tuned as we get closer to time. Get this morning's ABC 7 forecast and more in the video below!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2/15 - 4:30pm - A Very Warm MSU Forecast!

With a ridge building into the region, we're on course to see even warmer temperatures than what we saw today. 70's will be common tomorrow around North Mississippi, and we'll only get down into the upper 60's as we cool off slightly near the end of the week. Our only chance of rain this week will be on Friday, and that probably won't be a widespread or heavy event at all. Enjoy the wonderful weather and your detailed forecast below:

Sunday, February 13, 2011

2/13 - 5pm - Yesterday's WBBJ Video

Warmer weather is certainly on the way for West Tennessee this week! After seeing temperatures in the 50's across the area yesterday, expect that and higher as we head into the workweek. It's becoming more and more sure that some folks in the region could see 70 degrees on Friday, so get the shorts and t-shirts ready! Check out the detailed forecast in the video below:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

2/10 - 1:30pm - Another Snowstorm in North Mississippi

Snow is not common in Mississippi. Really, I'm telling you it's not. That's a hard thing to believe after receiving our second heavy snowfall of the season last night here in Starkville and across the state. Locally we received 4-5" and areas to our north and west closer to Oxford and the Delta region saw amounts near 6". I'll admit that my forecast for areas east of Greenwood, MS was a bust. I settled on 2-3" a couple days ago and stuck with it based on the computer models. Even then, a lot of computer models coming in were suggesting amounts way below this and it was tough not to lower the forecast. The fact of the matter is that most forecasters, both human and computer, overestimated the amount of weakening in this storm as it moved east and it led to quite a surprise. Something that really helped up the totals locally was a quick drop in temperature to the freezing mark before 4pm. Mississippi State University decided to call off classes at the last minute this morning after previously stating they would open at 11am. Good thing... the roads and sidewalks even at 11:30am this morning weren't good at all and temperatures are still in the upper 20's at this hour. I doubt we'll get above freezing today. Check out my video compilation of the snow on campus below and flip through the slideshow below that (there are some fantastic panoramas in there!):

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2/8 - 5pm - MSU Video / North Mississippi Snow

Wintry weather is making a comeback in North Mississippi tomorrow, and it appears an accumulating snow will be likely as we head into tomorrow evening. The computer forecast models have had a somewhat difficult time trying to pinpoint accumulations, but right now I'm seeing evidence pointing to a 2-3" snow accumulation in Starkville by early Thursday morning. Areas to our west in the Delta region could see up to 6" of snow, so this system is certainly packing some decent moisture. Thursday onwards looks dry and clear, and we'll slowly warm things up as we head into the weekend. Check out the video below for all the details:

Saturday, February 5, 2011

2/5 - 1pm - WBBJ Good Morning West Tennessee Video

A few snow showers fell in West Tennessee this morning, providing a coating or dusting of snow for many communities. The snow's on the way out for today, but more is on the way for next week. There's even a chance for a significant snowfall on Wednesday! Check out the video below:

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2/1 - 4:30pm - MSU Forecast Video / No Severe Weather Here!

We dodged a bullet here in Starkville today in terms of severe weather. High winds aloft, adequate shear, and optimal low pressure placement all came together today, but a lack of atmospheric instability prevented a severe weather outbreak from occurring across North Mississippi. While they did have some severe storms in South Mississippi, things certainly didn't get out of hand and heavy rain was the only problem across much of the state. We'll clear out the clouds and usher in some cooler temperatures tonight and tomorrow, and maybe even see some light wintry precipitation on Friday. Things will be warmer for the weekend! Check out my MSU weather forecast video below: