Monday, May 17, 2010

5/17 - 1pm MDT - Caves and Storms in New Mexico

We just got through touring Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico this morning. Hiking down to 800 feet under the surface was quite an experience and it was a good walk for us since we were in the vehicles so much yesterday. To those back home who've been to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, Carlsbad Caverns has a much steeper walking path and it's quite a workout after an hour or so.

We're in good position for today's storms already as a cold front is getting ready to stall out in our vicinity and warm southeast winds are blowing pretty well. CAPE values (instability) of over 3000 J/kg are taking hold here in Southeast New Mexico, so any storm that forms will have a good environment to grow in. A very distinct outflow boundary is moving southward from Lubbock, TX and should kick off some supercells on the south side of it. Southeast winds in Southeast New Mexico and West Texas will help funnel good moisture and may help to increase shear as well. Overall, the good news today is that we'll probably see some storms today.
The Storm Prediction Center has released a mesoscale discussion for the area we're in and they'll likely issue a tornado or severe thunderstorm watch this afternoon. Things are heating up out here!

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Greg Van Soest said...

I'm scheduled for Tour 5, but live here in Carlsbad. Glad you enjoyed your visit to the Caverns this morning. Good luck on your chase later today!