Monday, May 9, 2011

5/9 - 10:30am CDT - On the Road to Valentine

We're on the road to our initial target location today, Valentine, Nebraska. Easterly winds caused by an area of low pressure centered just west and slightly south of this area are the focus of why we're heading there today.

Temperatures at 700mb are between 11 and 12C over a good chunk of Southern SD/Northern NE, so at least we'll have that on our side for tornado development. Moisture is still a bit short in the area, but some of the very latest short-range models indicate dew points reaching 65 and higher west of Sioux Falls, SD, which would be a very welcome development. Again, with a lack of upper-level windspeed the threat for tornadic supercells is iffy, but at least a couple of variables like surface winds and 700mb temperatures are in our favor. I'll be updating on Twitter and Facebook throughout the day!

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