Monday, May 9, 2011

5/9 - 11:45pm CDT - Done for the Day, Travel Tomorrow

We finally did catch up with a supercell near Philip, SD this evening. Low visibility due to the high-precipitation nature of the cell made it very difficult to make out any structure within in it during lightning flashes. There were a couple reports of a brief tornado and funnel with this storm, but we really couldn't see anything

After a good night's sleep in Murdo, SD, we'll be heading south during a travel-only day tomorrow since there's no real risk of severe weather within a reachable area. Wednesday looks interesting in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. The SPC has issued a 30% Slight Risk already for the region, but we'll see how everything plays out. The way the models have been performing lately, I wouldn't want to hype-up an outbreak more than 18 hours in advance.

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