Saturday, December 19, 2009

12/19 - 12:15pm - Update on Snow Chances

Snow did not fall in the Louisville area this morning as forecast because of warmer than expected temperatures both near the surface and just a couple thousand feet aloft. The short-range RUC model runs have been indicating a slow cool down of temperatures over the next few hours, so rain should change to snow later this afternoon. We may pick up a half inch on the grass tonight with any lingering snow showers.

The Christmas Eve snowstorm is having a very difficult time on the computer models right now. The most current 12z GFS run has mostly rain for us because the low cuts up to Chicago, but the previous few runs had been indicating a track just south of Louisville that would give us rain to snow or all snow. With solutions varying wildly from run to run, I don't think we'll have a track narrowed down until the start of next week. I will say that the pattern favors the southern track with snow for us because of high pressure in Canada suppressing any northward movement of the storm. The storm should be following this rule on the models, but unfortunately this is not happening with many of them. At least we still have a chance for snow! Here are some potential storm tracks that the models have been hinting at for the past couple days:

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