Thursday, December 17, 2009

12/17 - 2:30pm - Weather Talk, Snow on Traffic Lights

I talked to a group of kindergarten and pre-k students today at Tully Elementary School in Louisville about weather today. I covered storm chasing, weather safety, snow, ice, and even demonstrated how a NOAA weather radio works. Best of all, each kid walked out of there with a severe weather safety coloring book and brochure, courtesy of the National Weather Service office in Louisville. Here are some pictures:

It was a lot of fun and I hope they enjoyed watching some of the video I brought in, as well as the talk itself.

Since it looks like we may get a couple inches of snow this weekend, I wanted to pass along an article I found about snow covering LED traffic lights, which Louisville has quite a number of. You can discern if a traffic light is LED or not by looking for a pattern of small dots on each light.

MILWAUKEE – Cities around the country that have installed energy-efficient traffic lights are discovering a hazardous downside: The bulbs don't burn hot enough to melt snow and can become crusted over in a storm — a problem blamed for dozens of accidents and at least one death.

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