Wednesday, June 24, 2009

6/24 - 3pm - Storms Tomorrow, Maybe Severe?

We've yet to break 90 today, but we're almost there at 88 degrees. Temperatures around the area should top off at around 92 this afternoon. The SPC has issued a SLIGHT Risk (15%) for severe weather tomorrow for us and areas to our north:

Instability will be a little higher than usual tomorrow and there will be ample moisture to support thunderstorm development. I'm not impressed with winds coming off the models right now, so a tornado threat looks unlikely at this time. A bit of the jet stream will be coming down from the north tomorrow, so we'll have to see exactly what this does in the morning. If a line of storms forms and comes through here in the morning, our severe threat will be limited or nonexistent. If not, and we maintain clear skies throughout the morning and afternoon, then the severe threat would be elevated quite a bit. It should become clear by early tomorrow how bad the storms will be.

Friday and Saturday will be steamy again, but at least there won't be any rain. Thunderstorms could return to the area on Sunday, but the rest of next week looks pretty dry!

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