Tuesday, June 16, 2009

6/16 - 1am CDT - We're Back in Kansas!

NOTE: There will not be anymore live streaming video and fewer blog updates for the rest of my trip because our rental vehicle cannot be outfitted with custom mobile broadband and networking equipment. You can still see our current location at http://stormchasertv.com.

The last 36 hours have been very eventful, but we still got to go chasing today! Todd came and picked us up in Wray, CO this afternoon after accompanying the tow truck carrying his deer-stricken SUV to Denver. We went to Western Nebraska and then down to Northwest Kansas after east winds began to develop there. The dryline helped fire off a few supercells and we chased those well into the evening. There were a few small finger-like funnels, but that was about it for the tornadic aspect of these cells. They showed very healthy rotation and dropped some nice wall clouds, but in the end the area was too cluttered with cloud debris and other cells in the region for any tornadoes.

As the sun set, we were able to position to the southwest of a supercell near Colby, KS and watch the beautiful colors reflect off the cloud towers with frequent lightning as well. The lightning show during the evening only lasted a few minutes before this cluster of cells dissipated.

Here's what we saw today:

Our new chase vehicle is a Chrysler Town & Country. We still have wireless broadband web and a laptop, but there's no way to get the custom antennas and networking equipment for the high-speed connection on this van (needed for video and my blog updates) because it's a rental.

Our target area will be somewhere between Eastern Colorado and Western Kansas tomorrow. I'm still able to post on Twitter and Facebook from my cell phone every few hours, so you'll still be able to follow us for the most part.

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Roberta Simpson Brown said...

Ryan, I have been checking your blog every day so Lonnie and I can see how you are doing. We are so sorry about the accident with the deer! Otherwise, it looks like you are having a great trip. We can hardly wait to hear all about it when we see you again. We think your blog and your activities are awesome!

Roberta Simpson Brown