Saturday, June 13, 2009

6/13 - 9:30pm MDT - New Tour Group Today

We've said goodbye to Storm Chasing Adventure Tours tour 6 and now tour 7 is in full swing! There are 6 of us now and we're ready to head out tomorrow morning on our first day of chasing. Latest indications are pointing toward a target area in NE Colorado, the Nebraska panhandle, and maybe even West Kansas due to an area of low pressure hovering in Colorado. Since we've had a great deal of success with this setup for the past few days, I'm willing to bet that we'll see some good supercells tomorrow.

Here's some irony for you: there was a supercell just northeast of Denver a few hours ago that produced a photographically confirmed funnel cloud. A similar incident happened last week on Sunday when we left to chase storms in Kansas and a tornado touched down just minutes from our hotel back in Denver. Even though we couldn't chase today's storm just a few counties away because we were changing out tour groups, the upcoming week looks great for at least the first few days.


Matt said...

Ryan... Looks like you won't have to drive far today. Or really for tomorrow. Looking forward to more good videos and pictures (of tornadoes!).

Ryan Hoke said...

Yeah! Looks pretty close today!