Sunday, September 20, 2009

9/20 - 2pm - MSU Forecast

The rain last week may have been scattered, but MSU certainly got the brunt of it. The storm that came through on Friday evening turned the Drill Field into a swamp for a few hours and made it difficult to get around campus without stepping into a deep puddle. That's a lot of rain! Unfortunately, this week's forecast looks similar to last week's in terms of rain. Again, this won't be an all-day thing this week, but any scattered storm that comes through could put down some heavy rain:

According to the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center (HPC), we could see over two inches of rain during the next five days:

The GFS model is beginning to show cooler air filtering into the country starting in a couple weeks. Obviously this is a long way out, so pinpointing anything at the moment is not possible. Just be ready for temperatures to drop sometime during the first couple weeks in October. Fall starts on Tuesday, so we should begin to see cooler temperatures soon, like the GFS is hinting at.

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