Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9/9 - 9:30pm - Cool Thunderstorm at MSU

A mean-looking thunderstorm neared campus today as I was (ironically) heading to an American Meteorological Society/National Weather Association meeting this afternoon. I ran back to my room and grabbed my camera because it had quite a nice structure to it. At its peak, the storm put down small hail north of campus and a brief heavy downpour. By the time it actually reached MSU, the storm was all but gone. I was able to take some video of the neat cloud formations and a lightning strike with my residence hall in the foreground:

Be sure to click the "HD" and full-screen buttons to see the storm in 720p high definition.

Although nothing severe is expected, more storms are possible through the weekend here in Mississippi, so I'll be sure to have my camera ready if anything interesting happens.

Hurricane Fred is still spinning around far out in the Atlantic, and it is not expected to pose any threat to land. Other than that, not much weather news around the nation today.

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