Tuesday, September 1, 2009

9/1 - 10am - Cool Weather, Jimena, Wildfires, Tropics

Lots of stuff to cover today, but let's start with Starkville. It looks like we're in the clear for rain until this weekend, and even then those rain chances will remain quite low. Highs should hover in the mid 80's for the rest of the week with a bit of a temperature-spike for Labor Day.

Hurricane Jimena in the Pacific is getting ready to hit Baja California as a major storm. Winds are at 155mph right now, which is on the edge between a category 4 and 5:

Residents and visitors alike are fleeing the area ahead of Jimena's landfall. Click here to read more.

Up the coast from Jimena on the U.S. side of the border is a massive wildfire just 15 miles north of Los Angeles. Firefighters are hoping that temperatures drop from the 100's into the 90's today with onshore flow present. Despite burning 50 structures so far and growing quite a bit overnight, there's a chance that firefighters may be able to get a better handle on this blaze today.
[L.A. Times]

A vigorous tropical wave with a broad area of low pressure east of the Lesser Antilles in the Atlantic organized quite a bit overnight. There's still no good center of circulation with this storm, but it's certainly looking like a well-defined tropical feature on satellite. NOAA is sending out a weather reconnaissance aircraft to investigate this area of disturbed weather today, so we'll have to see if the information that it brings back influences the next outlook from the National Hurricane Center.


Jorge Garza said...

Hey Ryan!

My name is Jorge Garza, I just wanted to say !congratulations¡ 'coz you're having the oportunity to study something that I really wanted to do in my whole life, I just grew up between Hurricanes, drought, Hot temperatures, dust, cold etc., I started this becouse me first hurricane was Gilbert in 1988 and my last one was 4 days ago "Jimena" that's the reason to have this passion... Now as a real hobby consuming about 100% of my activities on vacations and almost 70% during classes, I bought a PWS almost 3 years ago (considering to buy a Vantage soon ) and I have the best or one of the best Weather blogs in Latin America, we bring forecast, news about weather and natural disasters, recommendations and more, anyway I just came here and I really liked and now is on my Favorites list, I gotta go man, l8ter today have to update my site for giving information about sending supplies and how to help to our friends that lost everything 'coz Jimena hit the peninsula.

kudos dude! see ya.


Anonymous said...

Might want to check the valisity of that wildfire picture. Looks very "volcanic" to me. Likely a Photoshop job.