Sunday, July 22, 2012

7/22 - 10:30pm CDT - Heat Cranks Up in West Tennessee

A few showers at 3:25pm today
Some showers and downpours did make it a little further north than expected today across West Tennessee. Last night's model guidance and thinking was that any of these scattered "pop-up" showers would stay mostly south of the Mississippi border, but a complex of storms moved a bit further north than expected out of Alabama into Middle Tennessee. This complex of storms brought with it a small boundary in the atmosphere that helped get these widely scattered showers going over portions of West Tennessee this afternoon. These have all since faded away and the region should have a stretch of hot and mostly clear weather through at least the middle of the week. Humidity will be on the increase as temperatures get into the upper 90's, so expect some dangerous heat index values well over 100 degrees. Storm chances look like they will now be increasing toward the end of the week as a front drops from the south but temperatures still appear to be heading toward the triple digits since this front likely won't make it far enough south to pass through.

My weathercast from last night's 10pm news on WBBJ in Jackson is available to watch below.

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