Thursday, July 26, 2012

7/26 - 1:55pm - Kentuckiana Severe Weather Update

Kentuckiana is right on the edge of what could be a significant severe weather outbreak this evening. Nothing demonstrates this better than the Storm Prediction Center's latest severe weather outlook, which puts us in a Slight Risk but has a 30% severe wind risk running right through the center of Louisville. The reason for this is that faster winds aloft are most prevalent to our north and east so more of a risk area (a Moderate Risk) is needed up there. These winds have the potential to power a large line or cluster of wind-driven storms that could possibly become a derecho just to our north if it sustains itself long enough.

A Severe Thunderstorm WATCH has gone up for areas northeast of Louisville but not including the city. This was needed because severe storms are already affecting areas near Cleveland right now and more will be forming in the near term across Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. I suspect a Severe Thunderstorm Watch will be issued for the Louisville area at some point this evening since storms will come through a little later than areas to our north.

Storm timing in Kentuckiana should be after 5pm this evening. The latest High Resolution Rapid Refresh model has storms rolling through the Louisville Metro area at around 7pm but this may vary a bit because this will be highly dependant on where storms fire along outflow boundaries and other surface features. The HRRR suggests that these will be either a broken or continuous line of storms which makes sense given that winds both aloft and near the surface will be from a westerly direction. This also means this could be a wind-driven line of storms so wind damage potential is relatively high here if storms get severe enough. Large hail will be a threat from any of the strongest storms. There may be more than one round of storms this evening in the area through 2 or 3 am since the cold front will not be passing through until that time. This might be a good time to secure your trash cans or any loose articles you have outside your house so that they don't end up in your neighbor's yard...

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