Thursday, May 10, 2012

5/9 - 11:15pm MDT - Another Day in New Mexico

My apologies for not having a blog post this morning. There is no wireless data coverage here in Southeastern New Mexico for my iPad and therefore when I hit the "send" button on this morning's post, nothing happened! Today we traveled to Carlsbad, New Mexico, where we met up with a film crew from the Travel Channel. This crew is taping a show about "extreme tours" for the network and I'll have details on when the show will air as I get them.

Tomorrow we'll be heading to Carlsbad Caverns just up the road here and then on to Roswell for more sightseeing in this fabulous part of the country since prospects for storms tomorrow don't look good. There is a Slight Risk for storms in South Texas tomorrow, much like yesterday, but the forecast points toward more of an MCS-style storm scenario than a supercell one. Even if supercells do form down there, it's a very quick trip from where they'll be in Mexico (where we can't chase) through Texas to the Gulf of Mexico (where we can't chase for even more obvious reasons). So... We'll stay around here in Southeastern New Mexico where the mountains and ample moisture will provide storm chances for us tomorrow as we tour around the region. These won't be terribly severe, if at all, but this is probably our best chance to see storms given the lack of moisture around the Plains right now. Doesn't look like this pattern will break for the rest of the week unfortunately. As we head toward next week we're hopeful that things will change for the better.

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