Thursday, May 17, 2012

5/17 - 4:15pm MDT - Some Fun in Denver!

Since good storms for chasing didn't form yesterday and won't form today, we're having a bit of fun in Denver, Colorado! Today we split into a few groups, one group that toured the Front Range of the Rockies, one that went to the Denver Art Museum, and another that went to the Elitch Gardens theme park in town. We all had a great time and will meet up this evening for dinner. Tomorrow we'll be heading back to Oklahoma City as Tour 2 ends and we'll be saying goodbye to our guests on Saturday morning.

For next week's tour, Tour 3, there may be a return of severe weather to the Plains. This may take until midweek though as a large-scale trough moves inland from the Pacific and moisture flows back into the region near the surface from the Gulf of Mexico. A lack of moisture in the Plains has plagued us for days now, so this return will be very welcome if what the long-range GFS model indicates pans out.

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