Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2/8 - 4pm - A Sunny Winter's Day in North Mississippi

How about that warm sunshine out there today? We still have a layer of thin clouds north of Tupelo and over the Delta right now, but south of there in the Golden Triangle we've cleared things out for the most part and temperatures got well into the 50's this afternoon as expected. A few of these clouds may move in to Starkville tonight, but that won't stop our low temperatures from bottoming out around the freezing mark.

High pressure will continue its eastward march into the eastern half of the nation for tomorrow, meaning a continuation of the nice weather we've had today. Tomorrow's highs may be a few degrees lower as cooler air continues to work its way in from the north, but most locations should clear 50 degrees. Even though some of the computer models have backed off on this a bit, our next front moving through on Friday night into Saturday could bring us a few showers on Friday night. The bigger story with this is the plume of cold air behind this front we'll see. It's possible that highs may not get out of the 40's this weekend, so a little taste of the winter we've missed so far in Starkville will come our way for Saturday and Sunday. Next week looks warmer again and we may even breach 60 degrees by Tuesday! Check out the video for your Mississippi State forecast:

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