Saturday, February 18, 2012

2/18 - 2pm - Somewhat of a Snowy Fizzle

Last night's model runs were coming in very bullish for snow in West Tennessee on Sunday morning and I was even putting together a graphic very early this morning that had 2-4" of snow in Northwest Tennessee. As the 6z model runs came in there was a pretty stark change in the forecast all because of one fact: two waves in the upper atmosphere were not phasing (or joining forces) as quickly as previously predicted. This means that the cold air from the northerly wave will not inject itself into the southerly one until it reaches Nashville. Without this cold upper-air support, the chance for snow dwindles considerably.

While some light accumulations are possible in Northwest Tennessee tomorrow morning, much of the region should remain plain rain with some mixed in snowflakes. A brief burst of snow may happen later on Sunday morning as this system pulls out of the area, but even in areas with accumulation it should not cause problems on the roads due to above freezing surface temperatures. Areas north and east of Nashville, however, will see the accumulating snow and some of it could be on the heavy side.

Once the rain and snow is gone later on tomorrow morning we should be left with cloudy skies and cooler temperatures in the 40's across West Tennessee. There are a couple rain chances thrown in next week on Tuesday and Wednesday, but the rest of the week should be relatively warm and dry. Check out the video below for your complete forecast (Note: I left my TV tuner for my laptop in Mississippi so I don't have a longer copy of this video):

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