Sunday, November 22, 2009

11/22 - 2:40pm - MSU 7-Day Forecast

Here's a fresh Mississippi State University 7-day forecast:

Chilly weather will be the focus for this week, especially on Thanksgiving. While it doesn't look like we'll see much rain, I think temperatures will struggle to make it much above 60 this week, with the exception being Tuesday. If you're expecting a warm-up after Saturday of next week, I'm sorry to tell you that things will only be going downhill. Bitterly cold air that has been kept up in Canada for quite some time will spill down into the Eastern US starting next weekend, and temperatures throughout this part of the country will be impacted.

I know that back home in Kentucky, temperatures might only top out in the 30's after this chilled air comes into the region. Snow may also become an issue up there as well in the coming weeks, but I've yet to see a tangible storm on the long range models.

I'll be heading back to Louisville for the Thanksgiving holiday on Tuesday, so I want to wish everyone down here in Mississippi a nice Turkey Day! There will not be an MSU forecast video this Tuesday.

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