Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10/21 - 11pm - Heavy Rain!

A mid latitude cyclone is very slowly pushing east and dumping rain over a good portion of the United States. Two days of heavy rain is in store for us in Mississippi as this storm begins turning toward the Great Lakes. Flash Flood Watches have been posted for a majority of Mississippi in anticipation of the rain. The HPC's precipitation estimate gives us well over 2 inches of rain here in Starkville, but most computer models are painting a general area of near 2 inches for this two-day event. Keep the umbrella handy!

This weekend's MSU vs. Florida game looks dry and cool, with a temperature in the 60's at game time on Saturday. Go Bulldogs!

The Weather Channel made headlines this week by announcing the start of Friday night weather-related movie airings. The Perfect Storm will be the first movie in this series with titles like March of the Penguins and Deep Blue Sea coming soon. Twister may even be in the works according to the New York Times.
[Forecast for Movies on the Weather Channel - The New York Times]

In other news... I'm getting ready to do some pretty cool weather-related stuff on campus soon. More details to be announced in the coming weeks!

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