Friday, October 9, 2009

10/9 - 10:30pm - Severe Weather Video, Reports

The round of severe weather that came through much of the Southeast U.S. gave Mississippi State quite a show today. Not only did we see heavy rain and high wind, but also some nice storm structure and low, fast moving clouds. Here's a video of what it looked like outside my residence hall:

Click the HD button to see this video in 720p high definition.

Casey County, Kentucky took the brunt of the severe weather today as an EF-2 tornado touched down and caused quite a bit of damage across the area. The two-minute long tornado got up to 1/8 mile wide and traveled a mile and a half. An EF-0 tornado was also confirmed today in Breckinridge County, Kentucky. Click the links below for more information from the National Weather Service in Louisville.
[NWS Confirms EF-2 Tornado In Western Casey County, Kentucky]
[NWS Confirms EF-0 Tornado in eastern Breckinridge County]

Most of the damage today around the South was caused by straight line winds, which even caused a fatality in Washington County, Mississippi. Here are today's severe weather reports from the SPC:

Tomorrow's football game at MSU against Houston looks pretty rainy at this time, but luckily it will clear out later in the afternoon. Keep those rain coats handy!

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