Thursday, October 1, 2009

10/1 - 8pm - Storms Tonight, Fall Break

A broken line of thunderstorms stretching from Wisconsin to Texas will cross into Mississippi's Golden Triangle this evening and should provide a fair amount of thunder, lightning, and wind as it comes through. Here's the latest severe weather outlook from the SPC:

The SLIGHT Risk from the SPC ends in West Mississippi, but I think there's a chance that a couple storms still could be near severe limits when they get here later tonight. A few storms may linger into early tomorrow morning, but the remainder of the day should be dry. This weekend should be cooler and dry until Sunday night. Daily rain chances and warmer air come back into the area next week.

Since I have Monday and Tuesday off at MSU for fall break, I'm heading down to Orlando, Florida tomorrow to spend the long weekend with my family. Can you guess what my favorite theme park is in Florida? (Hint: the geodesic sphere on the left is an indication!)

There won't be a blog post or forecast until Tuesday at the earliest.

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