Thursday, August 13, 2009

8/13 - 4:15pm - Let's Talk Tropics

I'm sure you've heard an earful about the Tropics roaring to life if you've watched TV lately. While nothing extraordinary has formed yet, tropical waves and depressions are beginning to make themselves known in the Atlantic. Tropical Depression Two has been spinning around east of the Caribbean for the last couple days, but it's dying and may not strengthen again:

A tropical wave just coming off the African coast is really gaining attention today, especially because of its already-apparent organization on satellite imagery:

The GFS computer model seems to be hinting at an organized hurricane coming from this tropical wave, but it's extremely early to jump to conclusions. This is just something to keep an eye on at this point.

A ridge forming in the Southeast US is beginning to give some relief to areas hit by rain and high humidity over the last couple weeks. Most of the Southeast should see lower humidity and dry conditions this weekend, although it will be hot. I know that Starkville, MS was certainly much nicer today with the lower temperature and humidity levels!

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