Friday, August 28, 2009

8/28 - 11:30am - Cooler Temperatures on the Way, Danny Weakens

Tropical Storm Danny has weakened quite a bit (winds are only at 40mph) in the last day or so and is now not forecast to become a hurricane. The track has shifted towards the East Coast a bit as well, but luckily it will not strike with as much force as previously thought:

The yellow highlight on the North Carolina Outer Banks indicates a Tropical Storm Watch for that area.

Another area of disturbed weather in the Atlantic halfway between Africa and the Caribbean needs to be watched as it tries to organize over the next few days. We may indeed have a new tropical depression if this system can get its act together.

Last weekend was absolutely beautiful here in Starkville with lower temperatures and a lack of humidity. Another round of nice weather is set to enter the area after a cold front passes on Saturday evening. Temperatures should stay in the 80's from Sunday until at least the middle of next week, with lower humidity. Today should still be hot though, with a high of around 90 and a chance of storms this afternoon. A better chance of storms will be around tomorrow with the approaching cold front, along with temperatures in the lower 90's again.

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thomas jones said...

Its beginning to look at lot like Hurricane season...