Sunday, August 16, 2009

8/16 - 11am - New Tropic Developments, MSU Forecast

Tropical Depression Four has formed overnight, which should be Tropical Storm Claudette later today. Looks like some rain from the system could pay Starkville a visit:

The quick development of this system demonstrates the potency of the Gulf waters right now. Tropical Storms Ana and Bill are still alive in the Atlantic, but Bill is strengthening quite a bit more than Ana. Bill is forecast to become a major hurricane, but landfall is still a question right now:

Tropical Storm Ana's track has quite a bit of rough terrain to cover, which will weaken the already disorganized storm:

Whether or not the storm can strengthen after getting into the Gulf of Mexico is anyone's guess. At any rate, the tropics have awakened and it's time to start keeping up with the latest forecasts.

I've been asked to create a weather forecast for the public announcement TV in the front lobby of my residence hall here at MSU. It will be updated every weekend and I'll post it here on my blog as well:

It's great to be doing weekend forecasts again!

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