Friday, June 29, 2012

6/29 - 10:15am CDT - The Chase Ends...

Today we're heading back to Denver as Tour 8 with Storm Chasing Adventure Tours ends. Right now we're making the seven hour journey from Valentine, Nebraska where we stayed last night. We had a storm about an hour south of Valentine yesterday that showed some promise, but it fell apart as it moved east. Tomorrow is when everyone departs and that's my cue to get on my plane back home to Louisville. It's been a great week with just about every day being a day with an active chase.

This is not one of those chase days unfortunately. With our required drive back to Denver we don't have time to chase any storms that are more than a few miles away from our route. There is a Slight Risk for storms today in Northeastern Nebraska stretching into South Dakota, but that's just too far out of the way for us. We may have a few run-of-the-mill storms along our route back to Colorado, but that's about it. I'll have a post tomorrow detailing our mileage and route from this week.

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