Wednesday, January 25, 2012

1/25 - 6pm - MSU Forecast and a Look Back at Monday Morning's Storms

Another bout of severe weather is affecting the South as a powerful line of storms continues to push through Louisiana. These storms have spawned some tornadoes today across Louisiana and Texas while a Tornado Watch remains in effect for areas from Lake Charles, Louisiana to just south of Greenville, Mississippi. We'll be watching these storms as they track into eastern portions of Mississippi tomorrow morning. There's a chance they could be severe here in Starkville and the Golden Triangle, but the main threat should remain south of the area. Once these storms clear out we'll be left with a fantastic few days heading into the weekend. Find out more in your full forecast below:

from ABC 33/40 on Flickr
A place that's no stranger to tornadoes was hit again early Monday morning as storms dropped ten tornadoes in Alabama. The house on your left was hit by a tornado in Trussville, which is just northeast of Birmingham. These tornadoes caused over 100 injuries and at least two deaths as they moved through the darkness. Be sure to check out NWS Birmingham's updated public information page regarding this event to see the strengths and tracks that these tornadoes took. Arkansas was also hit badly by tornadoes (at least four as damage assessments continue) and you can read a synopsis of the severe weather event in that neck of the woods from this page posted by NWS Little Rock.

West Tennessee managed to escape the brunt of this system, but the National Weather Service in Memphis is investigating an area of damage near Lexington, TN (Henderson County) for a possible tornado. They've already confirmed straight-line wind damage in both Memphis and Middleburg, TN so far. NWS Memphis also has a page where you can see their ongoing assessment of damage in the area. UPDATE 12:10am: NWS Memphis has now confirmed an EF-1 tornado in Henderson County near Lexington, TN:
5 S Lexington [Henderson Co, TN] nws storm survey reports TORNADO of F1 at 22 Jan, 11:58 PM CST -- ef1 tornado with estimated winds of 105 mph touched down 5 miles south of lexington and continued east 8 miles. numerous trees were uprooted or snapped along the path. a roof was blown off a house. a shed in the backyard was also destroyed. the tornado touched down on primarily ridge tops before eventually lifting just northeast of butterscotch road. maximum width 150 yards.
This event again underscores the need for more ways to get the warning out to folks, especially during an overnight event when people are asleep. The best way to do this is have a NOAA Weather Radio in alert mode by your bedside or to have an app on your iPhone like iMapWeather Radio. There are text-based alerting solutions offered by individual TV stations and networks too.

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