Sunday, November 28, 2010

11/28 - 5pm - Post-Thanksgiving Odds and Ends

Weekend in Jackson, TN
I just got back to Starkville after a nice weekend up in Jackson where I did my regular weather shift on Saturday morning at WBBJ and spent some time touring the area with my family. It really warmed up today up there (into the 60's) and the weather was quite pleasant all the way back to Mississippi. Another cold front is poised to sweep through the South tomorrow, bringing with it some rain and possible severe weather for portions of the region. Cooler temperatures will be on the way behind it on Tuesday. Check out some clips from yesterday's ABC 7 Good Morning West Tennessee show below:

You might be able to tell from the video above that I have a severe cold. I'm surprised the show went as well as it did even though I was nearly losing my voice.

Louisville Surprise Snow Accumulations
Early Friday morning was pretty interesting back home in Louisville. A cold front has just swept through the area and temperatures were dropping like crazy as the rain associated with the front was almost at an end. Just as I was getting into bed, I checked the surface conditions real quick to see if we would get any flurries with the moisture we had left. I was shocked to see a temperature of 37 degrees and dropping quickly at our house with the amount of precipitation left on the radar to our west. Within the next hour we dropped to just above freezing and snowflakes the size of golf balls started mixing with the rain. It turned to all snow just minutes later and the temperature bottomed out to around 30 degrees before the snow ended. I was very surprised to see nearly an inch of snow on the grass and elevated surfaces when it was all said and done because the ground was still wet and supposedly warm from the day's rain. A few runs of the GFS model before the front came through hinted at a possible snow accumulation, but I wasn't buying it because of the lack of moisture on the back end of the front... guess it proved me wrong! Check out these pictures I took at my house after the snow stopped:

Mississippi/Louisiana Severe Weather Threat Tomorrow
As I said before there could be some severe weather in the South tomorrow, especially in Louisiana and Southern Mississippi. The threat for severe weather in Starkville tomorrow afternoon and into the late evening will most likely be smaller than in areas in the south near I-20. With that said, computer forecast model differences in instability are making it difficult to pinpoint exactly how far north the severe weather threat will extend. With the amount of upper level wind support and shear (latest GFS model run says we could get 60kt of bulk shear tomorrow evening... only 30-40kt is needed for severe weather), this event looks like a tornado-maker for the aforementioned areas. The SPC seems to favor areas just south of the Golden Triangle for tomorrow's severe weather with their Slight Risk issuance (above image). We'll see how it goes with the overnight computer model runs and the surface conditions tomorrow morning. I'll be posting updates for the MSU/Starkville, MS region on my Twitter and Facebook accounts tomorrow on this threat, along with any other significant severe weather developments in the South.

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