Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2/10 - 2:15pm - Update on Friday's Snow in Starkville

The computer models today have started trending a little further north with the track of the storm on Friday. This essentially means that we've gone from virtually no snow for Friday to a dusting now. If the models keep pulling the Gulf low with this storm further north, we would certainly see an accumulating snow on Friday, somewhere in the neighborhood of 1-4". This is a wait-and-see kind of game at the moment, but I think a more accurate storm track will be hammered out by tomorrow. An interesting development today has been the HPC's latest 4" snow risk product:

The slight risk for 4" of snow goes all the way up to Tupelo, MS, which you can see above depicted by the blue outline. This doesn't mean we'll see 4" of snow in Starkville, but it does mean that the HPC (Hydrometeorological Prediction Center) is monitoring this northward shift. There are still many model solutions out there for this storm's track, but it does appear that the average track has shifted northward just a bit. We'll see how the next few model runs pan out.

I hope everyone back home in Louisville is enjoying the snow! The NWS's official snowfall total was 6.5", so it was a pretty big storm by Kentucky standards. Jefferson County Public Schools could be making a decision about school tomorrow by 5pm according to the Courier-Journal. With two days of school cancellations in Louisville already this week, a third day would certainly give the all the kids another day to play in the snow!

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