Tuesday, July 7, 2009

7/7 - 1pm - Warm, Humid July Pattern Sets In

If you're a fan of the hot, humid, and sticky weather we experience every summer here in Kentuckiana, you're in luck. Temperatures rising into the mid 90's by late week will make things downright hot around here, but rain should put a damper on that for the weekend. A small disturbance will shoot through here on Wednesday as we warm up, but I don't expect any rain from it at this time. Next week still looks wet compared to this week.

Mississippi State University posted a nice press release yesterday about a scholarship I and five other incoming freshman received, click here.


Alex Coffman said...

Congrats on the scholarship, $60,000 is a lot! What was the criteria for the scholarship you received?

Ryan Hoke said...

The official base criteria reads like this:

* Minimum 29 ACT or 1280 SAT
* Outstanding high school academic record with a scholarship GPA of 3.5
* Exceptional high school and community leadership

Note that the SAT score listed does not use the writing portion of the test.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ryan. That is a great honor to receive. Keep it up.

Charles Loring said...

Congrats Ryan! Best of luck to you at MSU! You will not hear me say this much, but...Go Bulldogs! :)

Ryan Hoke said...

Thanks guys, it's certainly a great honor!