Saturday, July 4, 2009

7/4 - 5pm - The Final Video Forecast

Rain is falling and will really affect any Independence Day plans you may have. Fireworks will be a wet ordeal and nature may provide some of its own with thunder and lightning. Looks pretty dry after today!

This video was made in high definition thanks to a new camera I just received. If your computer is having trouble playing this video back smoothly, click the HD button on the video player to turn off high definition and revert to a standard definition version. You can also view this video in its highest resolution by clicking the full screen button on the video player.

This is my last video forecast with Ryan Weather. It's time to transition the website to an online resume and archive so I can start getting serious about my meteorology career in college. It's been great fun learning more about weather and broadcasting over the past two and a half years, and I thank everyone for tuning in and looking at my website!


Living on the Spit said...

Ryan, you have a wonderful career ahead of you and I wish you much success at Mississippi State and beyond.

I am just a weather junkie from the Norfolk, Va area and stumbled upon your blg some time ago...always craving a good storm. When we get good Nor'easters or a hurricane, remember to check out my blog as I often put up photos of weather related material.

Anonymous said...

You should have signed off with a "This is Ryan The Weather Geek" as homage to your old name. :)

Hate to see you go, but good luck in the future!

Clay said...

I've enjoyed your blog over the past couple years. Much success at MS State!
Clay in Nashville