Monday, July 6, 2009

7/6 - 3:45pm - Here Comes Some Hot Weather!

Looks like we're finally done with the rain for a little while here. High pressure forming off to our west will drive precipitation northward, which also means temperatures will be on the increase. Expect highs near 90 around the area tomorrow, with mid 90's entering the picture by the weekend. Our next rain chance will happen on Saturday as this pattern falls apart a bit, but it doesn't look like rain totals will be very high at this point.

More rain is possible next week, but temperatures shouldn't buckle like they did with last week's rain.

With only a few days left of operation, here are some interesting numbers about Ryan Weather:

2 live TV appearances
2 weather video awards
4 tornadoes witnessed with Storm Chasing Adventure Tours
30 months of website operations
106 video forecasts
265 minutes (estimated) of video forecasts
818 blog posts
1,000 blog visits during Hurricane Ike Wind Storm 2008
3,500 blog visits during Ice Storm 2009
14,337 website visits since May 2007
21,884 blog visits since November 2007

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