Wednesday, April 4, 2012

4/4 - 3pm - Are the Storms Scared of Starkville?

Fast-moving outflow boundary at MSU on Monday
Over the past three days we've had three separate instances where storms have approached Starkville only to die before they reach us because of either being cut-off from their moisture source in the Gulf or having their cold outflow air rush out and undercut the inflow of the storms. The latest instance of this was this morning as a line of storms perished before our eyes just as it hit the Oktibbeha County line. What happened was that storms to our south cut off the moisture source for the northerly storms and left us in a cold pool of air that was not conducive to storm development.

Tomorrow's SPC severe weather risk
This cold pool has lingered into the afternoon as expected and the chance of storms, especially severe ones, is minimal at this point. Once the atmosphere recovers tomorrow and a cold front starts moving through the region, we could see a much better chance of storms. A few of these may be a little strong, but I think the best chance of severe weather will remain to our south where better moisture and wind shear will be located. Check out the video below for more details!

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