Sunday, December 5, 2010

12/5 - 2pm - WBBJ and Starkville Christmas Parade All in One Day!

The forecast for Jackson was fairly tame yesterday as a cold front was poised to swing through the area and bring cooler temperatures into the region. Highs could get into the 30's and lows into the teens this week, so bundle up! Check out my video from ABC 7 below:

As if waking up and going on-air early in the morning in Jackson wasn't enough yesterday, I drove back to Starkville to participate in WOBV 5's TV production of the Starkville Christmas Parade. Like last year, I interviewed participants on the floats and attendees on the street for the station and had a great time doing it! Since this year's broadcast was not live, I'll have to get a recording of the program and post it here later on in the near future.

It's final exam week here at Mississippi State, so that means I'll be heading back to Louisville for the long winter break coming up on Thursday. I'm watching a potential snowstorm that could happen up in Louisville next week like a hawk and I'll post some updates on that once I knock out these final exams.

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