Sunday, September 25, 2011

9/25 - 2:45pm - A Full Saturday at WBBJ

Yesterday I did weather on the 6am and 8am Good Morning West Tennessee shows and the 6pm and 10pm newscasts at WBBJ. It's always great to be able to fill-in for other shows, but boy I was bushed after such a full day, especially since I'm still recovering from a bout with bronchitis! The forecast was a bit of a challenge since rain showers unexpectedly formed yesterday well ahead of the cold front that is to pass through early tomorrow morning. Severe storms are still expected this afternoon around West Tennessee and then things should clear out nicely for the workweek. Check out the videos below to see a couple samples of my forecasts from yesterday.

This weekend's shows were a bit different visually because they were produced from our brand new control room (see below) inside our just-completed sales and production building. All the new equipment allows us to now broadcast in-studio camera shots in 16:9 widescreen, so you're getting a much fuller picture compared to what we had before. The studio and newsroom are both under heavy construction right now, so you'll likely see some major changes in those in the coming months too. We're all pretty excited to see what the future has in store for the station!

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